Autumn Sharif is a 19 year old Somali/Dutch singer-songwriter based in southeast London.

Born in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.
Autumn started singing as early as 3 years old and writing songs around 7. The first song she had ever written was about football.

Music has always been Autumn’s  first love and growing up she loved and learned from artists such as; Michael Jackson, Selena Quintanilla, Freddie Mercury, Mariah Carey and Amy Winehouse.

From when she could first speak Autumn knew that she wanted to become a musician one day. It didn’t seem realistic or reachable at first but with time her confidence grew and she decided to do something about it.

For 2014 – Autumn vowed to make a New Years resolution and it was take her singing and writing from her bedroom to the streets of London.

She started performing around bars and Open Mic Nights in London to then opening at the 02 indigo for the British band Lawson as a supporting act. Within months She was embraced by her hometown and her Somali community, headlining at several events.

Despite some knock backs along the way, Autumn still managed to bounce back up and continue. And if anything, it had made her even more determined to succeed.

Autumn has a very close relationship with her family and being the eldest child meant that she had to grow up really fast. Her siblings look up her to as a role model and she understands that it’s her responsibility to show her siblings how to chase their dreams, leading by example.

She wants nothing more than to Inspire her siblings to achieve great things and to make her mother proud.

2015 is looking very bright for this young musician and we really hope you take this journey with us.

Peace, Light and Love x

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